Kenneth Mulholland, editor

Vol. 3 - BlackEagle Girls and The Ice-Angel of Death- A Novel by Ken Mulholland  Current

Chapter 1 - Slam-dunk!

Chapter 2 - Shadows in the Corners of Night

Chapter 3 - New Blood

Chapter 4 - Pool of Blood

Chapter 5 - You Dirty Rat!

Chapter 6 - Henry's birthday weekend
                   (It's the doggie's bow-wow!)

Chapter 7 - The Casablancan Canary

Chapter 8 - Surban

Chapter 9 - School. It's a knockout!

Chapter 10 - Ice Man

Chapter 11 - Walking in Backwards

Chapter 12 - Prying in the Chapel

Chapter 13 - The Ice Angel Looms

Chapter 14 - Dead Man's Hand

Chapter 15 - Flying Down to Rio

Chapter 16 - Monkey's Nuts

Chapter 17 - Last gasp, Priscilla

Chapter 18 - The Ice Angel of Death Strikes Again

Queen Helen of Sparta in the Secret Garden, by Kenneth Mulholland Posted 10/21/06

Send out the Clowns, by Emily Tyler-Slade (Australia) Posted 7/24/05

The Chocolate Cat, by Astrid Sweres (Australia) Posted 7/24/05

Writers of the Dark Regions, nonfiction by Ken Mulholland (AuthorMe Editor, Australia)   Revised 6/19/05

The White Pebbled Road, by Emily Tyler-Slade (G, Australia) Posted 11/14/04

Girl with the Almost-Freckled Face, by Ken Mulholland  (Australia)  Posted 9/5/04

Vol. 2 - BlackEagle Girls and The Sacred Secret - A Novel by Ken Mulholland (G)  (posted 2/15/05)

Chapter 1 - Dirty Harry Comes Clean

Chapter 2 - Dummies and Dummiers

Chapter 3 - A Rose by any other Name

Chapter 4 - Hit us with your rhythm stick, Gus

Chapter 5 - You don't spit into the wind. ('Cos if ya do...)

Chapter 6 - ... the spit can hit the fan!

Chapter 7 -  Who ya Gonna Call?

Chapter 8 - Hey Dude

Chapter 9 - Let's Get Physical

Chapter 10 - Cool bananas!

Chapter 11 - Tick-a-lock. Pick-a-lock. Or, un-tic-a-lock?
Unreal orange peel!

Chapter 12 - Hit me, but don't shi... 

Chapter 13 - Child's Play

Chapter 14 - In Vino Veritas

Chapter 15 - Tasmania, via the Toilet

Chapter 16 - Skewered

Chapter 17 - The Depths of the Secret

Chapter 18 - Sacrosanct

Vol. 1. -  Meet the BlackEagle Girls - A Novel by Ken Mulholland (G)

Chapter 1 - Can't Get Much Worse

Chapter 2 - Oh Yes it Can

Chapter 3 - And it can even get worser - Dream - Hallucination - Nightmare?

Chapter 4 - Waking up is hard to do (And Spooky too)

Chapter 5 - Now Let's See what Gizzard Got

Chapter 6 - The Mystical Peridot

Chapter 7 - Well! What Did Happen Next?

Chapter 8 - Hildebrand, Sole and a Sock

Chapter 9 - Derriere, croupe or-oh my gosh-bottom!

Chapter 10 - In the attic and under the covers

Chapter 11 - Henry to the Rescue

Chapter 12 - Have you ever been to Hedgeley Dene?

Chapter 13 - Please don't snack on the wafers

Chapter 14 - Chinatown

Chapter 15 - The BlackEagle flys...

Chapter 16 - Into Africa

Chapter 17 - Dis-Orientation Day

Chapter 18 - Can't Get much Better

Varlarsaga, by Kenneth Mulholland

Volume 1 - Escape



Chapter One - Into the Unknown

Chapter Two - At the Old Oak

Chapter Three - The Jug and Kettle Man

Chapter Four - The Forbidding Forest

Chapter Five - The Tumberimber

Chapter Six - The Dolphin Ship

Chapter Seven - Elfame

Chapter Eight - Mossfelli Valley

Chapter Nine - Alone Amongst Many

Chapter Ten - Bili

Chapter Eleven - Of Ancient Days

Chapter Twelve - The Leaves of Time

Chapter Thirteen - Menace Beneath the Trees

Chapter Fourteen - Arleas in Anger

Chapter Fifteen - The Forest Awakens

Chapter Sixteen - Alreas Daunted

Chapter Seventeen - The Fox and the Weasel

Chapter Eighteen - The Last Hope of Ravenmoor

Chapter Nineteen - Nardred Stirs

Chapter Twenty - Touching The North World

Chapter Twenty-one - The Great Spiral

Chapter Twenty-two - The Mansions Of The Ăsires

Chapter Twenty-three - Awakenings

Chapter Twenty-four - The Fall of Penda


Chapter Twenty-eight - Menkeepir

Chapter Twenty-nine - A Prophecy Comes True


Volume 2 - Recovery

Prologue - The Tale of Forinth the Mariner

Chapter Twenty-five - Smoke in the Hills

Chapter Twenty-six - The Stone Folk

Chapter Twenty-seven - Sgnarli

Chapter Twenty-eight - Menkeepir

Chapter Twenty-nine - A Prophecy Comes True

Chapter Thirty - Br˘ga

Chapter Thirty-one - Kurigaldur

Chapter Thirty-two - Sangasu The Death Striker

Chapter Thirty-three - Lang Shan

Chapter Thirty-four - Moth, Wolf, Toad and Daw

Chapter Thirty-five - The Fate of the DarŠ

Chapter Thirty-six - Rţ-Mer-Ri

Chapter Thirty-seven - Bayondir of Indlebloom

Chapter Thirty-eight - Pitrag and the Dragling

Chapter Thirty-nine - Mendoth Citadel

Chapter Forty - Minca of Erilar

Chapter Forty-one - In the Crannogs

Chapter Forty-two - To the Iron Hermitage

Chapter Forty-three - Many Fates and Fortunes

Chapter Forty-four - Darkelfari

Chapter Forty-six - Milk and Blood

Chapter Forty-seven - He'Remon the Wizard

Chapter Forty-eight - The Rout of the EllorŠ



Volume 3 - Consolation


Chapter Forty-nine - The Vent of He┤Remon

Chapter Fifty - Lirra MenaltŰ

Chapter Fifty-one - The Mayhenyodaro

Chapter Fifty-two - Jutunn Hńmma: Home of the Giants

Chapter Fifty-three - Earth Eye

Chapter Fifty-four - White Bridge

Chapter Fifty-five - Minca is Swayed

Chapter Fifty-six - Overview

Chapter Fifty-seven - War by Sea and Land

Chapter Fifty-eight - Fields of Desolation

Chapter Fifty-nine - The Might of Goblindom

Chapter Sixty - Battle for Aileen

Chapter Sixty-one - The Song in the Stone

Chapter Sixty-two - The Day is Won

Chapter Sixty-three - The Mouth Opens

Chapter Sixty-four - Triumph and Remorse

Chapter Sixty-five - Nardred Rises

Chapter Sixty-six - The Red Ones

Chapter Sixty-six - The Red Ones

Chapter Sixty-seven - Varlar Titans

Chapter sixty-nine - Truth, Lie, or Riddle, or something in the Middle

Chapter Seventy - In Search of the Taiga

Chapter Seventy-one - Against the Nine

Chapter Seventy-two - Nardred's Doom


Being You, by Deep Purple

C'mon Kids: Time for a story down at the Old Hollow Log, By Ken Mulholland. (Australia) (G)

Assume the Position, By Kenneth Mulholland (A short story involving Observation and Assumption) (PG-13)

Beyond the Dreamtime (Yat), by Kenneth Mulholland (G)


Yat - Chapter One

Yat's Cave - Chapter Two

Yat's Dream - Chapter Three

Yat's Death - Chapter Four

The New One - Chapter Five

The New Way - Chapter Six

The Old Way - Chapter Seven

The Old One - Chapter Eight

Water - Chapter Nine

Earth - Chapter Ten

Air - Chapter Eleven

Fire - Chapter Twelve

Birth - Chapter Thirteen

Life - Chapter Fourteen

Death - Chapter Fifteen

Legacy - Chapter Sixteen

Illustrations and Bibliography

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Please Don't Take that Last Poem too Seriously, by Mark Rees  

 Trapped by Sachi, by Midori Sawaki     

 Untitled, by Anna Li

 Innocence, by Anna Li -- Click here for Previous  Chapters!

Chapter 2  

Yin and Yen - A Poem by Vladik Kelner 

An Angel Only Lent, by Clare Robb 



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