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The Price of Friendship, V, by Dr. Taher Kagalwala - Mar 9, 2005
A story of two teenage girls growing up in a small town in India. This novella explores the relationship between two teenaged girls, Munira and Laila, against the backdrop of a small town in Central India; the time is the present, and the environment is the vitiated atmosphere between the Majority Hindus and the Minority Muslims...

D. and the Art of Learning, by Bhavna Rai - Mar 9, 2005
Sunita and I always call him D. Our own little code word in our own little world. She would sometimes use di but that reminded me of the Princess so I always preferred to stick to d.

Frame, by S. Jayant - Mar 9, 2005
Early morning brought a song to sing along with.
Was it your voice that I heard ? Did you whisper the words ?

Lazy Summer Afternoons, by Arpita Kumar - Mar 9, 2005
This is my favourite essay. It's about the Indian Summer afternoons. I doubt if many people will understand it except those from Northern India.

Radha: The life of an Indian Dancer, by R. Saraswat - Mar 9, 2005
"I guess you could say I met your father when I was a professional dancer at the local cultural center." She looked down at her son as she spoke.

The Path to a Cultural Democracy in Africa, by Rais Boneza - Jan 22, 2005
The essay below is an extract of Rais' coming book "Peace by Africans' Peaceful Means". Rais is sharing this with us in honor of the authors competing for the Caine Prize. (Copyright 2005 Rais Boneza)

The Elderflower Star, by Zannah Poulsom - Jan 21, 2005
The sky that covers my part of Earth contains so many stars they overflow its brim and fall into the sea.

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