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Jenny Wren

I have been a writer for over 63 years and I am now 73, I find it a shame that there is no way, unless you are a famous author, to ever get your writing into print that will and should be for the whole world to enjoy.,
People will invest in trivia matters and let important matters fall to the wayside.

I finally got to have two of my 15 part series of books published only because of a need to celebrate the Bicentennial of Tennessee and that was the ONLY reason I was snatched up by a Bank and was backed for the publishing of these two books which God had given as a gift to be shared with others. That to me is the pay, the getting to write for the Lord the words that are emitted or the writer plus creator ,to jot down for others to share.

0ver six hundred books sold for $7.50. It was a little cheap paperback put out by the Cookville Press as a school project, and that is as far as it got. The money was paid back to the bank for their participation in each book and no doubt they would have done the rest of them had not my editor/Professor Jenkins of Cookville College retired from school and died shortly afterwords with diabetes.... leaving the books on the shelves of my filing cabinet collecting dust and growing yellow with age...

I have tried and tried without success, as so many thousand other writers have done, I have been sharing my work free of charge for the past 25 years in a weekly column of Christian Poetry in Morgan County News in Wartburg. They only use my poetry and I wrote for The Inspirational Poet and the Poet's Review Monthly while they were in effect, but the publisher died of cancer and that put a stop to a great writing career for too many of the poets and writers of prose. So many just gave up and quit.

While Hee Haw was on TV I wrote to Grandpa Jones and no doubt, if any of you have ever heard of the recipes for "Hey, Grandpa what is for supper?," or if you have heard the delicious food being rhymed out there, you have heard Jenny Wren's writing there. But she did not get the credit for it there either... I have had several small items stolen and sold as anon. .....but I consider thievery a form of flattery of
sorts., so that is alright also.... see how desperate a writer can get to just get into print?

I am glad I had the two books published. It made me know that is not where the pay comes from, for the pay is getting to write for the Master Creator in the first place. So If you never hear of a non-famous poet and writer named Jenny wren, you will know who she is because you were just informed of her by this bird named Jenny Wren. (whose real name is Lois Blaschak) and if you have read any of the stuff from Jenny Wren  you know me. I leave a little dab of myself in each and everything I write for you to enjoy... thank you.

....Jenny Wren

2003  jennywren












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Jenny Wren (pen name) was born on May 21, 1930 in Tennessee.

The youngest of twelve children to Matt and Arizona Rice,

Jenny spent her childhood years in Tennessee and West Virginia.

When she departs this temporary dwelling and flies, like a beautiful butterfly, to her Savior's waiting arms.

When He asks her "How did you spend your talent I gave to you?"

She prays as she waits for his reply, will she hear "Well done!"

God has blessed this old Jenny Wren to write poetry and stories.

She prays now to be a blessing on the internet  too: anyone and everyone who gets to know her as Jenny Wren.

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