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Searching for More     ..Jenny Wren

There have been all kinds of books written about man's 'God chasing' and trying to capture the elusive God, who we all serve and wish to know to the fullest.

I feel that God is the best of friends I have ever had and I know there is none above Him. This leaves a feeling of good, that leaves a satisfaction deep in my Soul....

but I know have suddenly found that I am still in a searching mode for all of the sweet Heavenly 'Father-parts' of Him ,.......
I have already found that He is provider, sufficient in each and every need..
even down to providing these writings then as I look around me, God has even provided the beautiful live scenery that I look out at, through my doors as I am writing for Him. I am then thinking of Paul in prison writing for this same God, and the curse He seemed to stay under while serving the Lord as he Did ., still Paul wrote fervently as if he sat in the holiday Inn looking out when in fact he sat imprisoned in a dungeon handcuffed to two guards as he wrote the words that God gave to him to write for us today to read and learn to know the Lord as Paul knew Him.
When I remembered the horrid time in life when my first husband died after 39 precious years of marriage .,I felt Half of me had disappeared with Him into the grave.
'twas then I found My Heavenly Father to be 'The Great Comforter' to me, still supplying my each and every need.
my mind seemed to 'fast-forward' to:
when I remarried then I found My God as comforter once more, because this second husband died .. (of cancer after 11 years,) IN all of those years, God was at my side never once leaving me alone...

I found God to be 'my best Friend' and Now (as a widow,) I find him to be ''husband
, plus friend, provider, supplier, physician, companion, when I lost all of my sisters and brothers except the two (one of each )I have found Him to be brother, somehow He even became the sister I lost, to me .

just as he had long ago become' Father and mother' when mine passed on into infinity.,

yes when Jesus told the people to go back and tell them that "I Am 'THAT' I Am" (they, His Jewish nation had looked for a 'king' to come, to fight for them and to save them)

seems: that they looked for a 'literal king' to come and rule the Earth..

but our God is the 'spiritual God', He can be 'all things to all people,' and be all over creation at 'one time', in 'everywhere' and 'everything'...

'That' is My God, He is the one that 'All things belong to' yes, He is the God who created the unique you and me, and He controls 'all of everything' .. whether it seems like it or not, He is in charge of all life and its forms..

Mighty and awesome is My God, Jehovah (I am unworthy to even mention His name., I do so only to show to you, this Mighty , Awesome God that I serve daily)

He was, and He is, so very much more., as this writing shall attest to.

If you have read this far, you are probably a Christian, washed in the shed blood of His Sacrificed Son, Jesus Christ, or you are 'in search' of a Savior and God, that can satisfy that need deep, inside of your Soul and Spirit, and leave a deep settled peace within.

If you already know Jesus as Savior and Lord, Why ,Child, you already know, a whole lot more of God than, you think you do.!

You have done met the Savior and Friend part, that sticketh closer than a Brother. The one that loves more than any mother, cares more than any Father., and is God of Gods., yes this is that very same God, that came and created Man from the dust of the earth and then bent over and breathed His own life into that dirt and it arose and walked and talked, talk about a Miracle, that is one of the greatest; when God created a vast age ago grandparents of each of us.

I ,jenny Wren, serve and shall serve This, My God, until I die. then I shall rise as an eagle to soar away to him, to live eternally, yes forever,... with my Lord....forever

Yes, I have caught glimpses of the Father-part, in my many bouts of hurt, pain, loss, surgeries,etc. and even in the dim 'first just before dawn' waking hours,

while I am communing in the day., with Him as My own 'personal Father ,Lord'.,knowing that for this day that He has given to me, I also know that each day. is to be use for Him in some sort of way.

I keep telling Him "it is o.k. if You wants me 'home' now, I am ready to go,...."

alas!, but it seems: God is leaving me for another purpose, He has something else for me to do, for him before my return unto Him. You see He knew me when I was a thought and He watched, as I was slowly and imperfectly formed in my Mother's womb. God had a plan for my life, and I was born with the free will to eithre do that plan or not, choice was up to me, I chose God. I smiled when I thought this thought

( Maybe God does not want to put up with me... full time., yet? )

Either way, I do try my best to 'know' Him and to 'personally know Him' closer and more closer than I knew Him yesterday, my every yesterday, each day., seems I grow in Him and I never tire of it,
I truly have a dream it is a dream that is unrealized as of yet, for me, but I have found it to be a 'daily' special, and 'free' growth, just for the searching it out., in His ,God's own Holy Word,
Yes, so far ,

what I have found ., is:
true satisfaction...and we commune together, his is a tiny,still small voice some call it an 'unction' and you have to be listening 'for' it...,shhhh. to even hear it.
yes, My Jesus is Lord of Host, He satisfies for each day, in what I have found and know about my everlasting Father God...

I have a feeling that I will never 'fully know' Him on this old earth, (especially this side of Heaven...one more reason I want to go home...I will know Him all of Him then)

I am getting home-sick for Heaven, and at times I get plumb earth-sick of here.... but knowing He is beside me, here, that I am a part of His great body of the living Church over which, He, Jesus is the head....

ahh !!!!Yes, I do know and you can Know: this My God, !
I do know that: He is Mine!, but, I know: I also wish to 'share' this same God with anyone, yes, everyone I meet!,.

(God is not to be held captive, by anyone,)
There is enough God, Lord, Savior, HolySpirit, Jehovah, for who-so-ever may come in search of Him.!!!!...I KNOW this also....He is findable..

"Yes it seems kinda funny now that; I searched for Him, for such a long time wanting something or someone, to truly make me happy to be alive, and God is 'what' I have been in longing and in search of. I had hunted, yes I searched everywhere,
Until HE, one day, ......God 'FOUND' ME!!!>

(Now I know: He was right 'there' with me ,all of that TIME)
It is so true,
Although I have learned a lot, I do want to know more and shall know more. in my quest in future searches.
Sometimes My cup of love, just overflows with His great love like right here, what you are reading is some of the contents of that FLOW,.
May God now bless and draw 'you' to Him and keep you forever....also

I have known God for over 65, of my 73 years and have never grown tired of Him.

I could not live a moment without Him, nor' would I want to. even try to live without you my Lord.

Child of His own unique Creation of you ,
You search out and find Him,
You will never be sorry.!,

Spend Time in Search for Him. Now, may God bless you ..and woo you to Him
May you find the happy life, you search for, with the Lord ..
until' next time
I close in search of more of Him.

Jenny wren


Copyright 2004 jennywren




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