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The Lesson         ....Jenny Wren

I shall remember what you have said;
Although, it turned my face quite red
Knowing: I have hurt someone.

By using my own two edged tongue,
I have cut another, leaving its scar
By that simple act it is slashed too far,
Bleeding has stopped, soon healed o'er,
Repentant heart cry no more, no more?

Why does one say the things they do?
Don't we know; we are wounded too?
Our words strike at a sister or brother
Returning to us, in one way or another.

Do unto neighbors as they to you,
Treat them as you'd like them to treat you
Forgiveness can mend a wound
In tender loving care, the scar can blend.

Think of scars, is there more than a few
From words best left, unspoken by you
God hears and He sees all things you do
Scars are the witnesses against you

Remember a lesson the rest of your life
Wisdom is gained thru trouble and strife
The old adage, tried and true
Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you.

....Jenny Wren


Copyright 2003 jennywren




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Jenny Wren

My editor was forever saying, "I believe it because a little bird told me, It was a Jenny wren."

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