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Reaction to Action         ....Jenny Wren

Every action great or small-
leaves a result when through,
as pebbles tossed into a pond
disturbing only God knows who.

Every word thatís uttered here
either damages, heals or break.
Never know what will be there,
As the end-results of its fate.

Eve first blamed old Satan,
Then Adam in turn blamed Eve.
for eating of forbidden fruit,
causing their God,to grieve.

Soon one lie begat another
truth cannot be recognized
A fig-leaf is an explanation
the real truth to disguise.

Now it seems that everyone
has learned to pass the buck
Blaming anything, on anyone,
even blaming their own luck.

The results of that one action
leaves us now where we stand,
any action becomes reaction,
on a scale small or grand.

Like footprints in fallen snow,
disturbing a wondrous sight,
a scream splits the stillness
of a quiet and tranquil night.

Then gun shots are sounding
and soon the ambulances scream
Sounds of children crying
Death disturbs sleeper's dream.

Many prisoners now sit today,
sitting alone in a barren cell
Blaming their own parents
for influencing them to jail.

"Had my dad just done this,
had my momma just done that,
I would not be here now.
Blames them for where he's at?

He chose to be that stupid
Now blaming it on another
when an action caused by us
wounding a sister or brother.

"He was insane at the time!"
(The lawyer took that route )
"His up-bringing is the cause
of what this case is all about."

Well, Daddy pulled NO trigger,
and neither did his mother
"YOU yourself child are to blame
YOU made a choice, my brother."

You didn't have to be there
you could have been at home,
in your own bedroom sleeping,
while leaving HIS wife alone.

Twas' so tranquil in the garden
until Man cast real truth away ,
As mankind first gave all blame
to one another, until this today.

See?, end-results of 'that' ONE lie
or wait, maybe, the lie was two,
On down through the countless ages,
Itís Ripple-effects hit me, and you.

that Good is God, with a double 'O;'
Good without God , a big fat zero

....Jenny Wren


© Copyright 2003 jennywren




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Jenny Wren

My editor was forever saying, "I believe it because a little bird told me, It was a Jenny wren."

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