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I wonder just how many "GONE WITH THE WIND" stories have been poked away in the trunk of a deceased patron who has given of themselves so diligently for so very many years, only to now end up in the trash after they die. dumping the dreams of the writer as just more garbage...?

Do you realize that each writer has given of their God given talents, to you , I wonder how many great writers who have gone on to on to be with their 'Gift giver' were never published or even considered, because publishers think them unworthy, because they are not well known (one can never become well-known unless given a chance  to share their gift with the world.)... but just let a no-talent rapist, or news worthy convict or ex-president or note-worthy person of any sort write dribble which is considered publishable, it is no wonder our TV programs are so full of rotten stories, none hardly worthy of screening. It does not take an Einstein to curse and talk filth, but it takes a real artist to get his point across in proper language, and does not have to be nasty to be publishable .... What future does the true artist have this day .. Tell me. Do You know?

It seems a shame that so much is spent on trying to keep the church and state apart in America, and yet there is nothing more newsworthy than that. unless it is the lack of education that our pupils are receiving ... with the lack of history. Think about this. I know it is too late for me already, but we have a new crop of energetic writers coming along and what is to become of them? Will filth always be the norm in our society?

 ....Jenny wren

2003  jennywren





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Jenny Wren

My editor was forever saying, "I believe it because a little bird told me, It was a Jenny wren."

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