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The Casting of Pearls          ....Jenny Wren


Growing in Christ

Experience of Growing in the Lord
(by jenny wren) on June 8, 2003, 3:42 pm

For many years I 'thought' I was saved all I could be saved,. I had went to church ever since I was a child and have been learning of the Lord, but one night after my husband died (after a long illness,) I was praying for God to fill my longing, I just knew there was 'more' that I had at 'that' time

I had prayed "for fullfillment of His Love,"
He answered my prayer in such a precious sweet way, when I finally accepted Him as my personal and very best friend and love.
He has been 'first' ever since then and will always be,!!

He knows this and I do also. it is in my knower' I cannot tell you 'how' I know, or 'why' but I can tell you I honestly 'know'.

It is such a peaceful feeling and reassurance I was filled with an icy-Hot, 'feel' which started at the top of my head and flooded over me, into every nook and cranny of my Soul.

it was the most beautiful feeling I have ever felt in my lifetme. since then I have known I will never be the same. since that precious night, that I jenny,gave myself over completely to God completely withholding nothing from Him.. I was just reassured with this scripture, "She/He who has the son Has everlasting life, and that you will KNOW it.!!"..
I praise God,for that reassurance He has given to me in such a personal way,.

I soon after that, became the 'know it all' Christian, and set myself up as judge and jury of each (so-called Christian) which I inspected with a magnifying glass, Until the Holy Spirit,reminded me that "You Jenny, was at the same stage for years, just a few days before, and you did not know it!, until it was revealed to you, that there was more, /.."
that hit like a bomb,
I broke down and cried my flusterations out ,for my stupidity, for judging my precious little brothers and sisters,.for trying to do God's work for Him, I was reassured that God could handle it alone...

I indeed was more gullible than Peter, ever was, and I have to laugh now, as I look back at my stupidity.I could have lost each and every friend I ever had by judging them.instead of trying to lead and help teach by praying for them//

Knowing that it is only required of me to simply LOVE and HELP my sisters and brothers, that is the 'only true requirement', and to pray for them if you see then need help in learning, instead of downing them or getting mad or hurt at them.

just 'love' them and pray for them, that is simply our long-time requirement.,

The Holy Spirit, will teach them, as He is still teaching me, day by day,,oh sometimes I think I will never gain wisdom., but I have found that "if you just open up to the teaching.The Holy Spirit is there to lead and guide you on this wilderness path we are all on, some closer to heaven than some of the others. we are learning each and every day, as we stand on tops of the 'mountain top of life' in our joy, and we look out ahead of us, on the path toward Heaven, look at the many mountain-tops out yonder.. look at them out there before you, that you will eventually also get to, just remember that there is a deep valley down between each of those mountain tops, and it is THROUGH these vallies, where our 'learning' takes place sometimes in the shadows of death all around us.,
but as we come out, see? and realize that we did just that, 'we come out.!'
The Lord was with you, leading you THROUGH it , all of the time, and you have learned once again from each and every experience,

each and every trial of life, you have been through,, bares a lesson to be taught to you, and if you do not learn it, just 'know for sure' the lesson is a required matter, you must realize the lesson and accept it from each trial., if you do not , you are bound to REPEAT the journey in another valley, so learn to grow up and when trials come, ask God right then, to show you what is to be learned here in this vally,? trust Him and learn it well.

it does seem that the trials get 'harder and harder', but even real Gold has to be in the fire, for a certain amount of heat before it is purified. with all of the dross gone, to let it's beauty shine through, as is your spirit. and Soul.

Just know that, your body is going to fight you all of the way,!!! but ,be quick to see and feel and learn from those hurtful experiences and trials, so repeating will not be necessary.

Just remember that God's Promise , promised there will NEVER be more than you can bare, placed upon you, because with 'every trial', there is God's way out.

so just take my advice and get out of that valley quickly you are not to set up house-keeping down in those troubles.

Ask the Lord to help you out. He surely will. these are a few of the things I have learned in growing, I still have to crucify old self every day., because the self does not like it at all being 'dethroned', and replaced by the Lord....

self is sneaky and remember also, this is a spiritual battle we are all in here, and when You give yourself to the Lord the battle is no longer 'yours' , but the victories are yours...!!! through the Lord. May God bless you with this little 'inspired' write,....May it help a child that is struggling to grow.,,,,,,,,,,

your sister in Jesus Christ

....Jenny Wren


Copyright 2003 jennywren





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Jenny Wren

Jenny Wren (pen name) was born on May 21, 1930 in Tennessee.

The youngest of twelve children to Matt and Arizona Rice,

Jenny spent her childhood years in Tennessee and West Virginia.

When she departs this temporary dwelling and flies, like a beautiful butterfly, to her Savior's waiting arms.

When He asks her "How did you spend your talent I gave to you?"

She prays as she waits for his reply, will she hear "Well done!"

God has blessed this old Jenny Wren to write poetry and stories.

She prays now to be a blessing on the internet  too: anyone and everyone who gets to know her as Jenny Wren.


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