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The Living Temple        ....Jenny Wren

Mankind’s human bodies, Makes a temple for the lord
Three ingredients will be connecting into one accord
Holy Wisdom, knowledge and Understanding to share
Connected together as a puzzle’s unique unison there

Do you understand this, this building you now own?
Filled in Holy teaching, through the Spirit it is shown
Each answer that you will need God cares for repair
Soothing Word that you read with others you can share

The Lord is sure to comfort you in his own holy Word
Through mighty revelation your answer soon is heard
Not to lie around in comfort and just for reveling there
Words comfort many others inside this temple we share

Words of God’s own heart, from vast storehouse above
Chambers full, running over in hidden treasure of love
The wisdom that is given you from your forgiven start
Was unlocked inside of you, which filled up your heart

Understand that many others grope in darkness there
Establish light they will see as you remember to share
They struggle to understand their own personal dream
With only man-knowledge unique parables never seen

Like the tree that is planted Inside of a lake of power
You shall produce His Holy fruit for God for any hour
So firm is His foundation it never changes as you grow
Ever constant and eternal, as this ‘seed’ that I now sow

....Jenny Wren


© Copyright 2005 jennywren





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Jenny Wren

My editor was forever saying, "I believe it because a little bird told me, It was a Jenny wren."


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