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On Prayer         ....Jenny Wren
One day , (and I do not believe that time will not be a long time off) we will all finally realize and fully understand what a terrific weapon of war, we have always had given to us , to use against Satan and His angels.God has given this to us freely, in our lifetime, as we wander this earth in our own wilderness days, that one little word is "prayer."

That word is used so carelessly and used as if wishing on a star (or like good luck or something)
it has even been made fun of, belittled by many people'

But , God wishes to hear our prayers about our problems, out of our own mouth to His ear. Sure He knows the problems already. He has permitted them to be there to help you to grow, but He wishes to communicate directly with his children.
What if your own son or daughter or even your own hubby or wife or mother or father ,' never' talk with you??? Communication is the bond that tightens and grows stronger, making people bind together in the glue of prayer, as does our talking with the Lord.

I have prayed for so very many people and seen the mighty hand of God reach down with healing touches for health, bodywise and even moneywise of friends and loved ones. I have seen souls saved  and battles won, that there was no way on earth could have ever been accomplished by man alone. Man is not made to stand alone, the God part is always there to hold straight and with gentle directing and tender loving care, as we take our steps through life forward, into the dark unknown, of each tomorrow,

But if you will only look back over your lifetime and see and remember that so very many times, He has pulled you through the impossible, and made ways where none was possible before. And still you are alive and you are still HIS! What a sweet realization this evening.

One thing for sure is: you can not cuss someone else out and then come all mealy mouthed to the lord with prayer on your lips. He will turn away from sin, and you will not be heard.

Tell me, would you be expecting for God to treat you the very same as you treat all others? Well, I have news for you, your love for God is only as much as you have for the least of these, in God's sight.

Even the Lords prayer says "Forgive me Lord, as I now forgive others" (in my own words, but the 23rd psalm talks to you, read it for enlightenment.
It is a wonderful thing to pray and then listen to an all hearing and answering God of Gods who knows all things and loves all people, equally, regardless how unlovable we may seem to be to others.

Pray for me as I strive to draw closer to my Lord and I shall be in prayer for all of us. Thank you for listening and for hearing me out this beautiful sunny day in Tennessee.

My God , He is a Jealous God and will have none or nothing above Him in your heart. I have had a good rest period and a whole lot of time to think, while laid up in the hospital with the only way to look was UP (and I have done my share of that, also).

I write this day praising God for this life He has given to me to live and I do not feel cheated, or that my Lord has ever let me down, because as I took stock of my living, I saw it was good, and when He was not felt near to me, guess who it was that had let go. It was not the father, it was the child.

I thank Him for being there for me through and in and out of each valley of my life.

He has celebrated with me the good times
cried with me the bad times,
held my hand in the scary times
always had his ear bent for receiving my cry for help for the many times of love being sent to Him in praise.with songs, poetry and music,
just plain old love for Him being the creator of this old lady named...

jenny wren


Copyright 2004 jennywren (UN: jw52130 at Writing.Com


Copyright 2003 jennywren




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