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Being Thankful         ....Jenny Wren

Harvest now gathered in the barns it stays
awaiting the winter with its cold,cold days
The fruit (what s left) is so ripe and mellow
Tom turkey struts such a big plump fellow

Little does tom know what's in store for him
as He struts all about his young turkey hen
Thanksgiving is near you can feel it in the air
the wind is now howling warning to prepare

caulk around windows replaced screen door
clean the gutters there so many jobs galore
storm door and windows dresses up a home
bed for a dog-house will keep nice and warm

thanksgiving's coming time to dine and treat
using the many good things we canned to eat
there lay Tom a-platter, no more struting fan
roast for many hours is 'stuffin' now for man

greenbeans taters, umm candy yams and corn
gravy made from giblets, salad now being torn
the family gathered about heads bowed to pray
"for this good harvest Lord we thank you today"

Now it is time for thanks from this family here
from oldest to the young each one shall share
Grandpa is "for the crop" grandma "for the food"
sister "for the new baby:" the brother? "for it too.'

everyone now poised to eat time for little Tim
he's pointing at the turkey" I'm glad I ain't him"
"I'm glad I'm 'not' him" corrects: his sister Sue
brother speaks out again "Boy, you and me too!."

everyone laughed aloud at the improper diction
Brother blushed sis too, easing all the friction
Momma rolls her eyes as poppa took the knife
smiling, he slices tom, right in the prime of life ===================


....Jenny Wren


Copyright 2003 jennywren




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Jenny Wren

My editor was forever saying, "I believe it because a little bird told me, It was a Jenny wren."


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