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Child of God         ....Jenny Wren

The Foolishness of God
(by jenny wren)

1 Cor.1

The Foolishness of God is wiser than that of man
ever since His Heavens and His created Earth began
God has chosen the weak man to astound the wise
as witnessing His Glory cannot believer their eyes

How does raw talents live in this old dormant mind
Then erupts this beauty into channels He will find
Inside of God's man-child His Spirit now lives here
They know well their teacher learning without fear

Great Musicians, fine artist now come from the lame
Poets, teachers, preachers so meek the many came
Base objects of this world some are totally dispised
Tells of the Glory of God, in pure shock, it satisfied

The cacoon worm is living inside of it's decaying case
as erupting yon' butterfly that children love to chase
Look, Pop-up flowers growing right inside that snow
a splash of brilliant color make ole' man winter glow

There is a four-leaf clover usually very hard to find?
My chest swells now in pride finding the one-of-a-kind
How can yonder dandilion brighten-up that dull place?
there inside shades of green now standing smiling face

There's a tiny humming bird buzzes about an open rose
gathers sweets, these beauties from long stem and nose
Even your hair is numbered on your own created head
God sees, hears, knew this ode ere' anything was said  ===================


1 Cor.1

....Jenny Wren


Copyright 2003 jennywren




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Jenny Wren

My editor was forever saying, "I believe it because a little bird told me, It was a Jenny wren."


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