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Have the People Forgotten? ..Jenny Wren

Everyone is talking of the Passion, , and having such discussions about the death of Poor Jesus and what He went through, indeed He was tortured. He was beaten, yes, his Blood poured. He was then hung on the cross and there he stood forsaken by all, it seemed, mocked, spat upon. All of the disciples seem to flee, or deny knowing Him. (AS HIS MOTHER CLUNG TO THAT CROSS, THAT HELD HER SON JESUS CHRIST, THE CHILD FROM GOD.,.HANGING THERE.)

His presence, as He died even His father God could not look, as all of your and my and everyone's (yesterday, today and tomorrow) sins were placed on there, killing Jesus.

The earth shook, as the Veil of the temple was ripped from the TOP to the bottom, making the way for entry, for human beings, into the real presence of God Himself, as it was in the garden, before sin happened there.

No more forgiveness through a priest,
and it was a horrid death
that He knew (even in the garden, as he prayed beforehand) that He was going to die like this. Still He knew, even knowing, this fact, that this is the only way for man's way back to God (who had created all mankind).

Now this act of Mercy and Love took more guts than anyone would ever have to ever do again.

The greatest LOVE ever shown is when Jesus declared "not my will, but yours be done" as He prayed once again to His Father.

Jesus knew this death was going to hurt beyond any measure. It is no wonder He sweated so hard knowing what was to come. No one likes pain. NO ONE. ( Pain hurts).

But Jesus knew also that pain was going to be only for a moment (as time goes) but that Salvation was to be for eternity!
Because He also trusted that He was going to return to live again, arise, yes, back alive, scarred, but very much alive,...

ALL Of the posters here [on the Passion movie] and the comments are on the pain of Jesus, but can you just imagine the sheer joy of when Jesus awakened inside of that old tomb.(which had so opened it's mouth to hold the remains of the beaten to a pulp Savior) to have trembled back 'open' for the dead's resting place to be shown empty, as Jesus stood up, as a whole man again, whole as only God can be made or make whole.

People have placed too much emphasis on the 'death' and hardly any on the 'resurrection.

REMEMBER JESUS arose from the dead'.............SELAH....

Sure OUR SAVIOR ,Jesus died, but Praise God, On the third morning, THAT VERY SAME JESUS arose and was alive and well., once again.

But this time it was different,

There is no killing Him any more., EVER AGAIN. JESUS is alive forever. and forever.
Now, this should be the happy part; we should be remembering as we post here, about this Passionate subject, this day, when all of everyone talks about the death. Like Jesus, like when He is born. It is His birthday that we celebrate at Christmas.

It seems, the world does not ever get past the infant stage of our Savior being Born. (Why?, He was simply born to die.) Just like this for us.

He was born to die! Just as this movie predicts. But, some will think that death is the ending of that movie, when it was only the beginning of real life, nay, it did not stop there, Jesus is: this day, still alive.....

He arose from that grave that they placed Him in (it was only a 'borrowed grave' at that because he was only going to use it three days and it could be returned to whomever it was borrowed from) and Jesus returns to walk with his disciples alive once more, and still is today.....

Jesus IS NOT that little Baby that lies each Christmas in the manger, in a cave-barn with animals.

Jesus grew into a man at the tender nurturing of His parents and teachings of God. He lived a good life going about doing miracles, healing, bringing back to life the dead.

So you see, He not only died (as the holiday of Good Friday tells about each year, when we mourn His death) but just remember the greatest season of all is when we celebrate His resurrection, and that one is Easter.....

The world celebrates then .....

Jesus is celebrated then for being alive once more and what's more we can be 'like Him', if only we accept the Love he gave for each of us, so freely.... What are we willing to give to Him.

Just remember also that it is the Holy Spirit of this same Lord, that gave this man Mel Gibson, the unction to do this movie of the death the real death of the World's Savior, but the Jesus of Nazerath is still alive and, guess what, He will enter and live inside of your own heart. He actually can be a part of you, 'if' you let Him be.

The best part is yet to come. He is now seated at the right hand of Father God as the world's people's High priest. There He is seated to make intercession for them (all of us people of the world) in prayer. The world is His footstool and He has returned to Heaven from whence He first came, as that tiny Baby in Bethlehem, but do not stop with this film.

Do not feel so sorry that you forget WHY JESUS DIED. It was for You and me

John 3;16 For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him, will not perish, but have everlasting life.

Tis' true, He died for us, willingly,

Thank you for reading if you have gotten this far. I just had to make known that Jesus still lives 'right now,' even though you have seen him be killed..... once again!!!!!!

Sure, they killed him, but three days later he lived again and know this for sure, there will be NO KILLING of Him this time.!!!
He will live eternally !

So can we, 'if' we only but believe. and ask His forgiveness and live for Him. After all He gave His all for You now.

Right this minute He is busy, now in preparing a place for you and me, with Himself, so that we may one day join Him to live forever. Think about this....and rejoice...... (selah)

Now all I ask of you, the reader of this, just ask yourself this one question
"WHAT AM 'I' Personally, GOING TO DO WITH MY SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST....(now ponder your answer ).

Jenny wren


Copyright 2004 jennywren




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