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I Am...                      ....Jenny Wren

This revelation truly hit home with me today,,

That God actually gave His
very own life,
for you and for me, You know God is the one that got upset at Adam and Eve for disobeying Him,,,

You also know that He was the ONLY one who could possibly give freedom from that curse,, by giving 'His own life' for you and me and for whosoever,, no it was not only His son that died a human death, it was God himself, (having been implanted inside of a virgin) Jesus was born lived and died as a GOD/MAN,, The Man part died then and the spirit inside which was God returned to God , to the regular mind this seems an impossible feat, but with God all things are possible, Only a Child of the King can understand how this could possible happen,

I had always wondered how on earth a father could stand to see His only son die ,, This to me was the only way he could do it, and still carry through with His plan for rectifying the mistake mankind had made so long ago.,

He cursed man and Earth then, then, but then He God, cured, rectifying the way , and making a way possible ,, Just think on this you know
by Him living here on this earth as part man part God, God could felt the 'same pain' that you and I experienced or ever will experience, the same temptations ,troubles ,joys, love etc.,

read this until you truly let it sink into your soul and spirit.----- it makes sense

, Now, how the Heavenly Father could do that, (watch a child suffer,) because He knew that He could not truly be killed, and stay dead, that from this one Sacrifice, the way for mankind was once again be opened for us to be with Him as His Giant earthly family, His Church. of which He is head .....

just as when ABRAHAM TOOK HIS SON UP ON THE MOUNT TO BE SACRIFICED,, REMEMBER,, You see God knew that this is a fore-shadow of what was to come., there in the future... a way was made for Abraham, by having a sacrifice ready and waiting for Abraham to use. Instead of His Son.

even after GOD gave His life on a Rugged cross,
He STILL loved us (His creation,) enough to send His own Holy Spirit, back here to live INSIDE of us, to teach it to us... He has OVERCOME death ,, we are each now a living sacrifice for the Lord, we are made to be the oracles of our body and mind. To have the same love for all, our hands and feet are the Gods feet and hands and our mind is to be Gods, our lives , our Body being the sacrifice,,

God is the SAME God He was yesterday, today, and will be tomorrow,,,,........He will never change.

If we only experience what we can actually see in this shallow life, that has been bestowed upon us,, we have not used the faith that God has given to each of us,,,

this is the important thing right here,,

when you can believe that the 'supernatural laws of Gods" Power of the God of Gods is the same power of all of the 'natural laws' God can finally heal your ailments,, He wishes for Good health for His children,

Remember how easy, it is today to accept (the healing of God) when the doctor or someone is cut wide open for surgery?

it is the Gods of Gods that 'heals up that cut ,',

it is not the doctor,

healing he only cut out the bad parts that is bothering you.,,,.,

we already know that healing of any cut or hurt or bruise, that will come to us and our body. because we trust in our God., because when (God as) Jesus hung upon the cross, without a shadow of a doubt.
He said “It is finished,,”,

when Adam and eve sinned against God.

they were accursed and cast from the garden., and remained ailing and sick until Jesus died ,

God gave 'his word,' You hear that His WORD<, when He gave His life for you and me, " with those stripes” He said "this is for your healing,,"

He said "lo I am

> now and forever, "

I know this is for your prayer board and needs to be sent out to each member it is faith in trusting God for healing. .. trust in this Lord,

He is your God of healing and your God of joy, \
trust in this, just let go and trust our God,,

do not simply look just for healing

look for The MASTER PHYSICIAN who gives to you your healing ...this is for His children.

ask HIM>
He said “you have not, Because you ask not,,,”
Look back on your life, and you will see where this has happened to you, remember?

Our God has healed you so many times,,, here is some advice, love all people even the unlovable, you have to love the sinner too but not His/her sin.

do not hold one thing against 'anyone',,

do not accuse anyone,, do not have a critical spirit, do not murmur.,
or you will be bound. as the ones you are hurt at, are bound,., release your love and let it flow..

He asks for you to simply trust. him.....
believe it

that it is Gods will for you to be well and healed of all of your diseases...
trust God,,,

I declare you shall be healed....

He said "I am the Great I AM " ,
Not “the great I WILL be,”
or the great I WAS

He said "I am ‘THAT’ great I-AM>")

that you have searched for.

be healed by the stripes of Jesus Christ ,His own body, our almighty God and Savior.

by His stripes we are surely and truly healed.

sent in love
love jennywren

© Copyright 2004 jennywren




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