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The Big-Eyes        ....Jenny Wren

An old grandma lay in her bed last night
In round-eyed sleeplessness , her plight:
She couldn't close her big eyes to sleep
Thought of an adage, Try counting sheep

One by one she watches ---as they leap
Some very nimble and some barely creep
Scolds " goodness sakes, this'll never do."
Besides being bug-eyed , wide awake too

"You crazy sheep, you'll keep me awake"
Minutes crawl by as they stand and wait.
For a turn to come to leap o'er the fence
Her mind created in a meadow so dense

Blue-birds fly through her cloudless sky
"It's not working!" She gave a deep sigh.
Sees tall grass waving big dandelions too
Her vision in Color, as some visions do

Then New revelation comes to her mind
Inner-eyes open the solution she'll find
"Counting is useless, I know what to do;
Stop this nonsense, and talk to one, who

Can control sheep and all other things too
I'll talk to my shepherd, That's what to do.,
My children, Lord, Watch over 'my' sheep?"
(Before you know-it, Grannie's fast asleep)

....Jenny Wren


Copyright 2003 jennywren




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Jenny Wren

My editor was forever saying, "I believe it because a little bird told me, It was a Jenny wren."

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