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Casting of Pearls        ....Jenny Wren


The Pearl is made from one grain of sand

buried deep inside of the oyster, it hides

In a constant distress of the misplaced land

produces encasement, by oyster's insides

it's gathered by seaman, this treasure rare

then it's kept in store for the whim of man

for trading, for trinkets, it's good anywhere

think of treasure, from 'one grain of sand'

So don't cast your pearls before the swine

they'll only be trampled in a muddy mire

The swine's value unlike yours and mine

self-satisfaction is the 'pigs' one desire

It knows not that your pearl is a treasure

even while lying there beneath it's feet

because food is a pigs number one pleasure

what good is a Pearl? it's no good to eat!

Casting of Pearls is like seeds being sown

will find empty places in one human heart

some ' seeds-of-wit' will become full grown

some destined to fail, even ere' they start

These Pearls-of-wit they will now be spread

sometimes a receiver, will not understand

Some seed will grow-up, in Wisdom’s warm bed

being cast from the mind of a poet's-hand.


Matthew 7:6

Give not that which is holy unto the dogs,

neither cast ye your pearls before swine,

lest they trample them under their feet,

and turn again and rend you.


....Jenny Wren


© Copyright 2003 jennywren





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Jenny Wren

My editor was forever saying, "I believe it because a little bird told me, It was a Jenny wren."


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