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God Talking to Noah       ...by  Jenny Wren


God Talking to Noah

by Jenny wren

I found a scripture yesterday where Paul was writing; "If I only have faith in this life that I now live, I would be a person most miserable, and I am to be pitied", because this life is only our testing days for true life, to come, so many are failing so miserably, so many of the tests of this life.

This Story could Be Happening....


...........God (is looking down from Heaven upon his creation ) talks with Noah, who is standing there beside Him, sharing the view, listening to God as he rambles on, about His Creation, and what is to become of it.


God now speaks,

"Take money, Noah, why child, money is still a part of my creation it is only paper and ore, think about that!!!!" God paused in his reveree, then continues, as if trying to straighten in his mind the How's and whys of mankind that he created..

"yet, My created people kill, lie, cheat, steal, swindle, and misuse, this paper and ore…, why it seems; they have forgotten to realize it's 'true worth',"

He pauses with a surprised "HUH, Noah, the only real valuable things of earth is their Soul and their Spirit, and what is done for Christ, and their neighbor. But old greedy Self, sits right there on it's heart throne, of 90% of earth's people today........ they do not even realize , that they are dying each and every day., that each life living this day, is

just one day closer to their eternal home, Heaven or Hell.,"

God shifts about in his stance and rests mostly on his left side, leaning against the Gate of the entrance to Heaven. then he rambles on,

"It seems that the majority know of their choice, but wanting to make a type of heaven for themselves on the earth that I have them stationed

on., yes they will put off until tomorrow, making their choice, of

serving me, living a good life while on earth, it seems: the most of them put off, and wait until it comes time to die, which they act is like a total surprise, that they are mortal?. (and will actually die after their alloted time is over.,) they have watched it happen all around them, but it seems that each of them think them slaves to be better than the other one that died., then, when it is their time to lay on their death-bed, It suddenly dawns on them, just how they have wasted this true and best treasure, That I have given to each of them,------called life, " Noah just shakes His head and stood remembering how the people in His day would not listen to the preaching he did to the people as he made the ark of Safety as God had given him instruction. He was just about to mention this when the Master spoke again after a pause,

then God continues, "take land; My son, " 'Who REALLY owns the land?', all of it." (Noah looks with questioning eyes.) God shakes his head saying as if to reaffirm his seniority.. " WHY God himself, !It is MINE! ,I created it! it is only God's, not the government, not one piece of it, it is God's!"

(There was disgust in his powerful voice now.)

" why Noah, just Take the bodies of man and beast; they are made of

simple molecules, from what they eat, from MY earth, why, If I decide to simply pull away the gravity for a moment's time, What do you think would happen then,? only minute particles of earth, would explode into space and man would be no more, Man whom God has created…for His own pleasure with His own hands."

God shakes his (weary of it all) head, saying

"They are dead to their world, How can I make them realize that? The only true wealth is the spirit encased inside of a decaying tomb, that they call 'Their body' why that body of theirs is not even theirs, to begin with., it is part of MY creation."

then a sudden smile of remembrance crosses God's weary face.,

God said to Noah (with a smile caressing his lips,)

"I even heard one of them talking, she was trying to explain to another child, she said it like this (God is now quoting one of His little children) "we depend daily upon the Lord to even live, (some without even knowing it.) IF God should just say, "well, I am tired of playing with my great big old creation!, then If he just said to the air "come away, come away air, do not flow over the earth, come away SUN, do not put any more heat to the earth. do not send any more of your light there, I am tired of playing, with my creation, look what they have done to my beautiful Earth,"

God is reminding himself now, "this is a brave child, and one that will, some day out in her future, be commended for this telling" yes I will remember this, then he returned in thoughts, back to His old friend Noah, who is still standing by the gate with him.

"You know what Noah," said God, "I thought I could scare them into

waking-up, if I began all over again, with just your family Noah, when

you were living, on the earth."

He is reminiscing again of His earth, it's people of the past, present and the future, God sighs, "I even went to earth my self Noah, I lived there as a man and died for them, as a sacrifice.

I became that 'human-lamb' to be slaughtered for sins., dying on an old wooden cross (made from a tree that I myself had created, for that very purpose) yes, I died a human death and arose again, I became a living example for them, of how to live, die, and live again.

God heaves his massive chest in disgust,

"They now break 'all' of my commandments,

they take no heed to breaking marriage vows,

they kill each other,

Killing tiny Babies inside Mother's wombs

(then discarded as plain garbage),

They do not feel remorse,

they have even taken My United States (and I was pleased with it as my own second Country, It was great!, and I really blessed them Noah, for doing such great deeds and helping one another as neighbors should, but look at them now, Noah look at them now., they seem to be the worst of the lot, talking of loving

God, so freely with their mouth, but their heart is so far from me,

why, if I (GOD) came to their door, they would never even know me, !and

probably shoo me away. ''

God is near tears at that thought,

"How?, How on earth?, Noah, can someone made in the likeness of God

himself, become so uncaring?, never appreciate anything that I have ever

done for them?. it seems that satan and his angels have driven them to the vilest acts, that He alone could think of to do, Children killing children,

My story suddenly stopped here,


then two months later comes 911

(written on the 12 or 13 of Sept.)


Such as; "Oh Noah..........

Look!, look over there, at the U.S. see, look Noah! ....in New York, He

gasps, "Oh look Noah, what the 'in-human human beings' are capable of

doing to each other and to themselves... "

They watch from Heavens portals,

"The men in those planes Noah! Oh My, those poor men have been convinced that they are doing something good.... oh no,!!! look at man's own creation the big tall buildings, that stood so grand, Look Noah, both falling

down, as if they are mere anthills,

Oh My , such death and destruction, oh, when will my Creation, learn that the things of Earth are perishable?

They live as if their lives are going last forever in this living in sin.. well hear that? listen to that! I can hear this already, they are saying, "why on Earth, did 'God' let this happen?"

God pauses to send reinforcing angels.

'Oh Look', said Noah as He pointed. with a long accusing finger

God is astounded, as He said

"Over by the capitol of the U.S. 'look' a big part of one of the main buildings has been blown to bits with an airplane of all things., there stood the partial heap of rubble and dead bodies,

God stops talking suddenly (holding a shushing, finger to his lips,

listening intently,

He suddenly grew excited, "Noah, ear that,? Noah,? I already hear prayers of the people coming to me," a pause as God listened with tears in His eyes, "HA, Satan, YOU surely was not counting on this,!? oh, Noah!., Man is finally calling for God to help once more., Their angels are there, His Saints are busy praying, they know that 'I AM ' Help' in any need they may have," another pause

"America finally knows they need me, once more!, They pray for their Government, asking Me 'what to do',? Even their President is calling on

me, well, I-AM ready, should they want MY advice, most of them, feel

ashamed because they expelled me from schools, children cannot pray to

me, they are trying to take away everything that I taught their forefathers, there is such a few to stand up against the many, holding the light for all to see.


God shakes his white head in amazement as he looks back at Earth, "look how

the most of them, my poor created man, still act now ....,oh Noah, it is

so sad,...they love Money , paper and ore? Noah, can you beat that?, they love money more than me!…Noah, why? money is their god,..??? People love the supply instead of "I-AM" their Supplier of All things...if I were not the patient God .I would have already stopped this world of mine from

turning..."but You see Noah?, I know what is to be and it is Good, My Son

is prepares to return to Earth this time as King of Kings, Lord of Lords, God is thinking aloud now as he arises to go about His rule as Lord. maybe?, just maybe...,Noah, Maybe, they will listen......now....." Man has His own choices to make, as you Noah know................

 ....Jenny wren

© 2003  jennywren





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