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A Child of God         ....Jenny Wren

A CHILD OF God grows up, in God,
(By Jenny wren)
(This is only my own rendition of how this thing; looks to me about life)

There is no where, in or out of this world, that you as a person can ever get away from living, the life that God has ordained until death, of said being, and we can run, but we can never hide from death ..death is a real thing.

Tt is a fact of life, the spirit of God is with you from the very beginning of your life, each and every life in his wooing of yourself back to him, as a matter of fact death is in one sense a graduation of life.

When you took in that first breath of air, at your birth, you inflated your lungs to begin your life as an individual person. You have just become a living soul, trapped inside of the clay self, your body, created from what was brought from the earth, in the food your own mother ate.

You continue eating from the earth, feeding you to grow into an adult which could produce more and more of same, where all of us are made, from what we eat. The soul and spirit is encased inside the human body.

We are eternal souls (not the body that is slowly dying as we speak). We shall live forever, somewhere, due to the remarkable thing done at Calvary, by our savior Jesus who sacrificed himself by permitting it to be.

Tt has been ordained that life is 'made in the 'image of God.' It is God who has created this thing called a human being and breathed life into the very beginning with Adam, then making a woman our of a part of said man he had created, out of the matter of earth, just as he has created mankind, animals, fowls, fish and all else that is around us this day. God is the creator.

I have often wondered if God was wanting to find something or someone who would love him, as we love each other. I think that God is searching for pure and precious free love of himself, he could have easily created us to simply love him on command.

But I think God desires love from us just as we do from others. No one likes to be disliked.
God created the human being to love him. He is as we are. He searches for love from his creation, freely given as he has shown us how to freely love him by doing for us what he did at Calvary, giving of himself completely for our love.

God is love,

God is eternal. When a child is born it has a piece of life’s puzzle missing from its life. It is not completely whole, due to the fall in the Garden of Eden, the God of creation has wondrously created the human being into a marvelous perfectly calculated human machine of such with a human computer-like brain that thinks on its own and can reason things out. This is a fascinating thought, how wondrous life is in reality. Look how our bodies reproduce their own kind. We are indeed a miracle that walks around in the image of God. We are as a walking photo of him.

I used to look at paper dolls as a child and made imaginary homes out of cereal boxes and these flat little people would be created by me and I would carry out their lives. I even had a paper flat dog which looked like a snauzer, and I remember playing on the floor with those toys of old and thinking God. I pray I have a red brick house one day and live like this. I pray to have a little dog that looks just like this….please lord, and I hop up and go on out to play, almost 60 years later my snauzer sits on the floor and looks at me and all of a sudden I see myself as a little girl, on my belly, on the floor with paper dolls and day-dreaming, with paper dog in hand and my snauzer (that suddenly barked and looked 'just' as that paper dog looked at me), and it was as if the Lord proved to me, "See, I heard you!"

I smiled at the Father of my soul at this thought, this precious thought. I smiled - what a sweet memory. Then i realized God had heard and answered my prayer, after all of those years, even to the red brick colonial home, that looked like the one on the cereal box.

You think God does not pay attention to you as a child, or as an adult? He does!

He sees your wants and he knows your each and every need. He said he even has the hairs on your head numbered. He knows your arising and your laying down. He knows 'you', the real YOU that none other knows, none other. God knows and loves 'that you‘. He knows your life and he knows you as none other can or will ever truly know you. simply because this is reserved for God alone in each person.

God is your heavenly Father, and you are his child, his wonderfully made child.
No matter where we can go, even in our minds, God is there. He is the only true source of real love that is undying that we ever can find. All other loves shall flee, but not that of God. He is eternal and his love for each of us is eternal also.
We claim that Satan is our worst enemy, but the selfishness inside of our own body is the Satan of our soul. It is self, it is vanity, the loving of self more than God. God will not share your love with the world. You’re His and he is a jealous God, ahh yes he is. He created us for himself and he wants love from us, our undivided love, which is freely given. He has freely given for each of us.
God did the most marvelous thing.

He first created mankind and then he himself placed a seed of himself inside of this creation of God, and was born to a young creation made for that purpose, lying in the womb of the created woman this young virgin gave birth to God himself, and he came here as a tiny baby wrapped in human flesh ,just as we each have been born to live forever.

He is indeed showing us how, the way, showing us, himself, that this feat can be done. It is spiritual - his spirit hovering in and around this mother as she carried the little baby in her womb. She delivered him in a barn where the image of sacrifices were kept in the manger where food for living was kept for the sacrificial animals. This is an image of the real thing. This is spiritual. We can come back to him; he is going to show us 'how' he lived as one of the humans he created. He was God Immanuel, meaning God with us, on earth, as a man,

Satan , the one who deceives any and all if he can, is a spirit. He is a horrid spirit and seems to be around the children of the creator since the garden, but God created all things and all things have a purpose, in the great plan of things happening and things to come.
Ever since the garden, there has been living in one body the good and the evil side by side for us to choose from in our lives. We daily make choices, each choice either furthers us into his kingdom or it deters our journey, when condemnation of our souls come to us and we reach the age of accountability. We begin to see choices and we sometimes sneakily make the wrong ones, and sometimes the right ones. We know inside of our spirit when we are doing wrong because of the consciousness God has placed inside of each of us. Some have done wrong so very long until the consciousness is almost killed unless God can convict you of your wrong doings and bring you into his life. If you accept his life, you can start the growing inside of you when Jesus moves into your heart and life. He will eventually take over the life and you shall live as one of Gods own.
Some people cannot see this. They see it as something that is too simple. Therefore they think it could not be the truth, so they ignore the truth and study man's mistakes and learn how other men failed or succeeded in life.

Right away I saw that if I cannot trust the creator , how on earth am I going to trust his creation, instead of him the creator. It is just that simple. God made us for his own. We are each unique and live this day for a specific part of his great master plan of creating a body for himself to love, his church, his place of worship, remembering when Solomon built God's church out of man-made things. It sufficed for a while for God and he was excited to live there. He even ran the people out of that monstrosity of a building. It could not hold all of his spirit, which so filled the humble abode, which could not hold the 'master creator' of all things, for creation was not going to suffice.

Solomon’s church building, in all of its fancy and riches, that huge temple could never compare to the human building, the Human temple of God. Yes the temple of God is inside of each of his 'called' children, God whose throne is created upon each of his children's hearts.

So God himself has built inside of man, God’s own creation, inside of him
is where the Spirit of God has room to stretch out and grow, inside of his individual child, making up his Giant humble abode, the huge combined, body which holds the cornerstone of the Glorified body of Jesus who made this possible through God. Yes, our Father God, which is now head over-all of his combined church. praise God, for this revelation.

The growth of the living church, inside of each of the called out, the individual children of God, is a very slow process. God struggles with each of us, for us to get each part just right.
He can see down around the curves in each of our lives and he has set up roadblocks which we have to have his help in getting around. We have to learn to trust, to obey blindly, when we cannot see, as we let his holy spirit teach and guide us, as we daily live in love for each other,
He knows what lies ahead of each of us. We are to simply have a trust in our faith in God. This is the hardest lesson for a child to learn, and to learn to toss out vanity, when it rears its ugly head, which it does the older you get in the Lord and the more wise you become.

Eventually you start trusting 'self' instead of God, and wanting to please self once again, just as in the beginning. I am here to tell you this does not work.

Nay, this will not work. Self is not to be trusted with such a valuable task - only trust in your creator, who made and is teaching you, to trust and faith in that trusting in him,,

As we go further into this journey with the lord, the tests and trials get harder and more durable, lasting much longer until it seems the devil sees that you love the Lord with all of your heart and will not give him up, no matter how many times you are embarrassed or what happens you are God's for keep.

Finally the devil will have to let up on you and just ever so offer he will pull a sneaky over you just to keep you sharp in the lord.

The reason I know this is because he just had him to pull a dilly on me.
Praise God for a sister who has shown me the way out. We find as we struggle along in life, just who and who not to trust. Satan indeed is a beacon of light, at times, but he does not know how to love. There is his Achilles heel; he does not understand love nor does he want to. He is vain; he wants us to rule ourselves .. so he can be our ruler. He is out to take all of God's children away from him, but he is a tarnished light. He indeed does know scripture. He has heard it from the beginning, but he does not appreciate it.
He is out to dislodge God from his seat of authority, but God is jealous of us his children, and he will take care of the nasty beast within, which turns on us every once in a while. least expected.

It seems that each of out tests and trials purifies us even more and more. As we grow less in ourselves, we lose old self and self dies a thankful death. You are so glad to get rid of the satanic feelings inside of you, anything that wants to usurp God in his majestic stand for his own children. The bad is burnt away just as dirt that gets into the melted liquid and purified. Gold has to be burned away. The only way God knows when the gold is right is when he looks into the kettle of reasoning and he sees himself looking back at his own reflection in the dross free crystal clear Gold. You cannot have the heat too high or it kills God's heat of tests and trials that have to be; at the discretion of the master Goldsmith.

He knows when Satan is gone in you, and you are deemed as one of his own. You are then worthy to be as one of the building stones of his vast worship center network, the church, praise God, and God is finally loved in purity as it was, in the beginning, before Satan became a reality in our lives.

When the last breath of life leaves the old worn out from life body, it is a long withdrawn spirit which has been cut free. Inside of the soul of man and his spirit sails away home with the soul intact.. Just as the butterfly slides forth from the cocoon of life, the body leaves the tattered and torn body of mankind as it heads for home….with God, from where it originated.

As the breath of God.

© Copyright 2004 jennywren




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