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The Chosen One         ....Jenny Wren

by Jenny Wren

The husky young donkey, feeling so full of pride,
Arises in the morning after His now famous ride.
Boy, people sure praised me, as I dawdled along,
Even crying 'Hosanna,' those words like a song.

"Boy, I sure strut down that old cobbled street.
I must be famous, who the people want to meet."
"Hey!, here I am here again!" he calls to the men.
One smacks his bottom, shouts disgusted at him.

The donkey not deterred, trots to a market place
There He struts proudly past many a scowling face.
The donkey so excited, says to all he would meet
"Where's the palm branches, cast them at my feet,"

Nobody noticed him at all, So bending his head,
He dawdled home to Mom, (wishing he were dead)
"What's the matter, son?" Mom asked drooping ears.
"What happened? Why are them ole' donkey tears!!?"

"They didn't even notice me," he says. "I went to town.
Like yesterday, among those. who are always around.
"Why, one of them fellers, slapped me on the rear!
Momma, he was hateful!, said 'You, get outta' here.'"

"Ohhh," said his mother, "now I see what is wrong;
Like yesterday, you expected more praise and song.
Son, don't you know none is anything on his own,
Like me, just a mom donkey, even though I am grown."

(She whispered to her son, with understanding in her tone,)
 Yesterday was  important, but, it's come and gone,
"Ah, but not so yesterday, why, You were chosen to pack
The '*King of ALL Kings,' son, who rode upon 'YOUR' back!"


* Jesus sat upon the back of a young donkey and rode into Jerusalem, as King of the Jews..
before he was crucified............


....Jenny Wren


Copyright 2003 jennywren




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Jenny Wren

My editor was forever saying, "I believe it because a little bird told me, It was a Jenny wren."

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