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Pray for our Nation         ....Jenny Wren

Posted by jenny wren on March 15, 2004, 8:12 pm,

God is my candidate for being the all-knowing GOD of what is going to happen in the upcoming election.
if it be in His plan to have a true Christian on the tally sheet of candidates, it will happen.

God is forever working behind the scenes, to make good things happen, those that He has planned before and supposed to happen, in the upcoming election,...

I honestly believe that God has the RIGHT Man or woman, waiting in the wings, should the Majority of the American people come to their senses and ask forgiveness for the many adulterous things, the abortions, the same-sex marriages, the porno, the drugs, the sins of the divorces, the molesting of our children, and even the molesting and killing of God's own children, (God's called out ones,)
have been called to do the work to help in the reaping of the harvest, of the fields ,which are fully ripe right now, as they go about gathering in the harvest of souls to help bring them to God for safekeeping....

I totally put my trust fully in the Lord for all things., and I constantly am praying for His total guidance, in picking the right , subject to write about, or a candidate, for the Job ahead, of president, and other offices.,

if it is to go that way.,
GOD already knows; what is to be, also, How it is to be, yes, there are no surprise happenings to and with the Lord. even when,

He, (God) who created Heavens and the Earth and all of HIS creation,,,,He even knew, and had prophets to fore-tell of it, ,
when (His own son) Jesus would be sent here to be born of a virgin and die for our sins, and be raised from the dead, yes I will trust this God....completely.....with my life and even yours.

He also has already told us in the Book of in Revelations, that the 'end times' are going be horrible, but even then, that He will still in complete control, nothing will happen, unless it was not meant to happen...

He also has prophesied when the end of all of this whole mess, will happen..
just this past week I have been in prayer for many of teh sick and afflicted and so far all have regained their health or well on the way to it, I have seen teh funds gathered from this little community to buy fifty outfits for some of our poorer school children for an Easter outfit, knowing that too many children are being reared by grandparents ,for some reason or other, that matters not, the children are what matters., and Sunday morning there will be fifty new church goers ., all dressed and knowing that somebody cared about them Here in the United States., as well as the foreign country poverty., it is a sin to send the help so far away when right under our nose is the needy. all about us. I know the poor shall always be with us, but if each neighbor helped to see about His own neighbor, as God plainly said to in His word,. we would not have had to get out now and begged for help but never the less for the children , it was received after prayer and simply asking, the Lord said "YOU HAVE NOT ,BECAUSE YOU ASK NOT.." so simple Selah..
waiting for the answer to prayers is hard to do sometimes, 'you see?
This takes a total trust in God's plans, completely, while praying for Gods', guidance for America, and it will take God, (and only God) to bring in the right man (or woman) for the office of head of the U.S.A. to help all people instead of just helping the government workers.

If the Country is serious about wanting to change back, pray for peace to come, and for a great change, and if one is not serious ( by the majority,) there will be calamity after calamity on this earth, until Jesus makes His promised return. to receive His children unto himself. this will happen ,without a doubt, if you do not believe it , just read for yourself, the Bible is an open book and should be opened by each and every one of us and trusted in again as our fore-fathers trusted God.
I was taught in early child-hood that God was the only ,the only one, on whom one could ever put total trust in. and He is

I for one have trusted Him for all of my seventy five years,., and NOT ABOUT TO STOP THE TRUST IN him NOW.,
He said "if my People, who are called by my name, will ask forgiveness for their sins, and call on me, I will 'heal' their land.."

What mortal man ,(what politician?) do you know who can make such a promise and knows how to keep it, and will keep it.? NONE !

What can mortal man do, I mean truly DO, anyhow? "NOTHING."

Man is only a part of God's creation, yes this GOD, I speak of, or that I 'try to speak of/ in my clumsy attempt of writing.,

Why would I not trust Him, this God of all Gods for the rest of it ?,...He has shown capability of caring and doing for the total sum of life all bout me all of my life,, I for one think, God had done 'great', without the help of His creationed man, so far. and life is still coming off, just as God promised., IN his Holy Word., (full filling, more and more, each and every day.)

 He has the whole Universal system under His ,control. He made it, He owns it all, (when you die ,what do you take with you>), we, all people are His creation, and 'it' is His world, not ours to fuss and fight over,! who do we mortals think we are,.... anyhow.?????

A brilliant person full of wisdom will Use the weapon of the Lord (prayer) while wear the complete armor of the Lord each day ,tell of the Master, and show Him to the Lost (at any cost ),,,,for the cause of the Lord ............

pray for peace and pray for Israel, and for our country of the United States, to awaken from Her slumber, and turn back to trusting the ONLY HELP< only true HELP to ever make this Country flourish once more in Christian hood,, and faith in Him.... the God of Gods,

I thank You Lord for created life and all mankind now, I pray that: we finally learn to truly trust our maker, and learn to Ask for our needs from Him, trusting YOU alone, to supply them., YOU LORD< WHO owns all supply.. You are the supplier. of all things even a candidate and winner of an overpowering election.......You Lord, are GOD.... G-O-D
none higher. think on this. Selah...

....Jenny Wren


Copyright 2003 jennywren




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